If you go through the world with open eyes, you sometimes unexpectedly discover the most beautiful motifs at every corner. Snapshots and other lucky hits are often more expressive than any meticulously prepared, posed and post-processed photo. Nevertheless, you always have to have in mind what you are looking for. Then you don't find the motive, but the motive finds you.
There is a very busy bee cavorting in a wide-open calyx and my lens doesn’t stop it from working. Depending on the viewing angle and the incidence of light, tree bark and rock formations suddenly create figures and faces, and next to the communal garbage cans lounging among the carelessly scattered garbage, the street cats loll around and yawn effectively into the camera.
All these wonderful motifs are used in our web projects, in individual web design for our customers, in calendars or are offered directly for sale in the common stocking portals in order to make them available to others worldwide.
However, the most beautiful frame for our pictures is still one made of wood or metal to hang on the wall.