Welcome to von der Hocht Mediendesign

As media designers, we see ourselves as artists, because art has the admirable quality of touching people in a variety of ways It is not even necessary to physically grasp the work itself. Often the sight is enough. A single moment is often enough to capture a person's complete emotional world.
There is the music that can change a mood only by using minor and major. With the help of music, the wide range of emotions that many of us have hidden and buried so carefully can be reawakened and a single sound has the power to tear down the wall that we have built as a protective shield around our sensations.
Paintings, graphics and photos show in the visual arts how they can visualize an object or a person, including the mood. Here, too, emotions, but also information and even entire situations are bundled in a single illustration. This special moment is frozen and preserved for eternity.
The performing arts are indispensable through film, television and YouTube & Co and have become indispensable. Because the art of representation offers its very own possibilities to convey the desired message.
Last but not least, there is the literature, which descriptively and explanatively does its part to get the big picture to the point.

All these arts help us to get the right feeling for your product or business. Our passion for the sound, the image and the word, as well as your passion for the product or your brand, can arouse the enthusiasm of your customers and convey the right feeling.
Give us the hand for a good feeling with a lot of passion.