Graphic design

Some images that arise in the head from time to time are difficult to take with the help of a camera. But luckily there is still the good old pencil. With a few quick strokes you got exactly what you wanted to say on paper. The quick sketch becomes a drawing or illustration, or you sit down at the computer and turn it into a vector graphic, whatever you want and need. Our graphics adorn websites as decoration or have a place as an illustration next to a scientific text. The styles are varied and each individual motif presents a different challenge. The most complex are probably photo-realistic graphics. Motifs that look realistic, but are not, can be made much sharper and shinier and are often used for large canvases. The working day turns out to be very entertaining, if a graphic in comic style is desired, because these motifs usually allow a very deep and courageous grip in the drawer in which one has stored the creativity next to the humor. These motifs are always a welcome change before things get serious again to dedicate yourself to corporate design, straightforward and spartan graphic elements for "handmade" HTML pages or scientific illustrations and graphics with all due respectability. It is not uncommon for our graphics to find their way to well-known science portals, where some of them are also available as "public domain".








Corporate Design


Scientific graphic